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Deutscher Wachtelhund


Deutscher Wachtelhund

Deutscher Wachtelhund




39½-55 lbs

19-21¼ inches

39½-55 lbs

17¾-20½ inches


<p>Deutscher Wachtelhunds continue to this day to be bred by and for hunters as a flushing dog and versatile hunting dog.</p>

<p>Deutscher Wachtelhunds are lively and very enthusiastic hunters. Friendly and self-assured in their natural environment, biddable and highly adaptable, they are never timid or aggressive, keeping close to the trail over long distances, especially when trained and handled appropriately. Due to their versatility, they can be employed to track wounded or lost game, retrieve and flush in brushwood, heavy woodland and water.</p>

<p>Hunting histories describe dogs very similar to Deutscher Wachtelhunds used centuries ago to flush game. The word “Wachtelhund” has a long history as well, but controlled breeding began at the beginning of the 20th century. Deutscher Wachtelhunds are medium-sized, longhaired flushing dogs with very well developed muscles, solid bones and a noble head. Generally longer than they are high, they must not appear long-legged.</p>

<p>Flat, moderately broad skull with no visible occiput, moderately developed stop.</p>

<p>Strong, well defined withers, shot, firm back without any dip behind the withers, highly muscular loins that appear broad, slightly sloping croup.</p>

<p>Solid brown, more rarely red; brown roan, more rarely red roan.</p>

<p>Set high and broad, flat without a twist, hanging directly behind the eye, never thick, fleshy or flabby.</p>

<p>Carried level with the topline or downwards at rest; slightly raised and vigorously wagged when the dog is alert or excited.</p>

<p>Strong, close, most often wavy, also sometimes curled (astrakhan) or long, flat with thick undercoat.</p>

German, Spaniel

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