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Old Danish Pointer


Old Danish Pointer

Gammel Dansk Hønsehund




66-77 lbs

21¼-23½ inches

57½-68½ lbs

19¾-22 inches


<p>It’s easy to tell apart male and female Old Danish Pointers. The former are powerful and solidly built, the latter lighter, livelier and more impulsive.</p>

<p>Old Danish Pointers are members of a calm breed of steady character, with plenty of determination and courage. These medium-sized, rectangular dogs are strongly built.</p>

<p>The origins of the breed can be traced back to around 1710, when a man by the name of Morten Bak in northern Jutland crossed gypsy dogs with local farm dogs for eight successive generations. The piebald white and brown breed he created – a versatile bird dog – was named after him, but nowadays it is known as the Old Danish Pointer.</p>

<p>Short, broad, without pronounced stop, with prominent occiput, clearly visible from all angles.</p>

<p>Well defined withers, firm, very muscular back, short, broad, muscular, well coupled loins, broad, not too short croup, sloping slightly to the base of the tail.</p>

<p>White with brown markings, some large patches or lots of small brown specks.</p>

<p>Set rather low, broad, slightly rounded at the tips.</p>

<p>Medium length, reaching almost to the hock, carried hanging.</p>

<p>Short, dense, somewhat hard to the touch.</p>

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