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Braque Francais Pyrenees-type


Braque Francais Pyrenees-type

Braque Français type Pyrénées




18½-22¾ inches

18½-22 inches


<p>Pyrénées-types are more spirited, impetuous and faster on the ground than Gascogne-types, and they know just how to conserve energy so they do not use it up too soon.</p>

<p>The Braque Francais is a native of the southern Pyrenean. As a highly adaptable breed it has found a home with hunters from other parts of France, as well as abroad.</p>

<p>The Braque Francais Pyrénées-type has the same general characteristics as the Gascogne-type, only smaller and lighter. These hardy dogs, adequately muscled but without heaviness, have a somewhat tighter skin than their cousin.</p>

<p>Chestnut brown with well opened nostrils. The lips are less well descended than in the Gascogne-type.</p>

<p>Belly less let down than the Gascogne-type. Not too heavy or light.</p>

<p>Brown or white ticked or speckled.</p>

<p>Set above high level, barely folded, tips reach no farther than to within ¾ inch of the nose.</p>

<p>Fine, may be naturally short at birth.</p>

<p>Finer and shorter than the Gascogne-type.</p>

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