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Spanish Hound


Spanish Hound

Sabueso Español




20½-22½ inches

19-21 inches


<p>Spanish Hounds were already around in the Middle Ages. Alphonso XI of Castille himself described them in a book in the 14th century, as did Argote de Molina (1582) and many other authors.</p>

<p>Spanish Hounds are affectionate and calm animals that display uncommon bravura and valiance on the trail of large game. They are highly specialized in hares, especially blood tracking.</p>

<p>These medium-sized dogs have a beautiful head with long ears, a compact skeletal structure and solid legs. Spanish Hounds have a soft, sad, and noble expression.</p>

<p>Harmonious, long, proportionate to the rest of the body; diverging lines of skull and muzzle.</p>

<p>Clearly rectangular, very strong and robust, broad ribcage measuring more than 1/3 of the height at the withers.</p>

<p>White and orange, with one of these predominant in well defined irregular patches without ticking.</p>

<p>Large, long and hanging, supple texture, rectangular, rounded at the tips.</p>

<p>Strong, covered with very short hair forming a small paint brush at the end. At rest, carried lightly curved, reaching below the hock; in action, saber-like.</p>

<p>Dense, short, fine and close, covering the entire body, even between the toes.</p>

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