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Deutsche Bracke


Deutsche Bracke

Deutsche Bracke




15¾-20¾ inches

15¾-20¾ inches


<p>Contemporary breeding of the Deutsche Bracke started in the mid 20th century in the small town of Olpe, North Rhine-Westphalia in the very west of Germany, which explains one of its alternative monikers: the Olpe Bracke.</p>

<p>In terms of physique and behavior, the Deutsche Bracke has all the qualities and natural aptitudes of a hound. As such, it is very important that dogs of this breed work and live outdoors.</p>

<p>The Westphalia Bracke was the sole survivor of the many Bracke breeds that used to populate Germany. The most important local variety was the tricolor Sauelander, which was crossbred with the local Steinbracke to produce a breed that has been known as the Deutsche Bracke since 1900.Light, tall and elegant, but nevertheless solidly built, the Deutsche Bracke has a comparatively fine, noble head, good ears and in comparison to the rest,a remarkably thick well carried tail , and an abdomen that is slightly tucked up.</p>

<p>Light, clean, long, viewed from the front narrow and elongated.</p>

<p>Slightly arched back, slightly sloping croup, deep chest reaching to the elbows.</p>

<p>Red to yellow with black saddle or blanket and white Bracken markings: continuous blaze, white muzzle with collar (preferably all the way round), white chest, legs and tip of tail.</p>

<p>Long (around 5½ inches) and broad (around 3½ inches), close fitting and rounded at the tips.</p>

<p>Long, not especially strong at the base.</p>

<p>Rather long for a shorthaired dog, very dense, hard, almost bristly.</p>

Olpe, Bracke

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