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Royal Canin, Health Nutrition’s value is in lasting benefits for the health of Dogs and Cats!

Knowledge and Respect: a founding ethic. Respecting dogs and cats demands that we respect their animalness and reject any form of anthropomorphism.

Because of its composition, a Royal Canin Health Nutrition food provides all essential nutrients measured out with utmost precision in order to contribute every day and on a long-term basis to the well-being and health of every animal, according to his age, his size, his physiological condition and his breed.

Royal Canin is a unique company where passion drives the company forward. It is the unwavering passion and pioneering spirit of every single Associate that has led Royal Canin to breaking new ground, year after year.

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Siberian Husky

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Siberian Husky

Everything it needs to be a big hit

Original name: Siberian Husky

Type: Lupoid

Male size: 21-23½ inches

Male weight: 45¼-61¾ lbs

Female size: 20-22 inches

Female weight: 34¼-50¾ lbs

Degree of grooming


Spitz and Primitive types


Countries of origin United States of America

Did you know ?


The breed’s ancestors were originally reared by the Chukchi people in the far east of Siberia. Alerted by reports of this outstanding sled dog, Americans in Alaska first imported them to the U.S.A. in 1909.

Siberian Huskies are alert, sociable animals of gentle temperament. They do not share the natural possessive qualities of a guard dog, display extreme distrust of strangers or assume an aggressive attitude among other dogs. Mature dogs are somewhat reserved and dignified. Their intelligence, docility and desire to please make them pleasant companions and willing workers.


Siberian Husky In a few words :

  • Head

    Medium-sized skull in proportion to the body. Slightly rounded at the top.


  • Body

    Straight and solid, level topline from withers to croup.


  • Coat

    Any, from black to pure white.


  • Ears

    Medium-sized, triangular, set close together on top of the head.


  • Tail

    Well furnished, fox brush, set just below the topline.


  • Hair

    Medium-length double coat, well furnished but never long enough to obscure the clean lines of the dog.



Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs with moderately developed bone structure and harmonious proportions that move very freely. Their distinctive almond-shaped eyes are slightly oblique. Brown and blue are acceptable, although eyes of two different colors or parti-colored eyes are also possible.