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Portuguese Podengo

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Portuguese Podengo

Three sizes, but the same punch

Original name: Podengo Portuges

Other Names: Portuguese, Warren, Dog

Type: Lupoid

Male size: Small: 8-11 inches, Medium: 15¾-21½ inches, Large: 19¾-27½ inches

Male weight: Small: 9-11 lbs, Medium: 35½-44 lbs

Female size: Same as the male

Degree of grooming


Spitz and Primitive types


Countries of origin Portugal

Did you know ?


There is a Portuguese Podengo to suit every taste. Choose from three sizes, two types of hair texture, a whole pallet of coat colors. What you are always guaranteed is an up-and-at-‘em dog with heaps of guile.

Podengos are well-proportioned medium-sized dogs with good muscles and strong bones. Always on the go, these lively little dogs are undemanding and hardy. They are bred to work on any type of terrain, although they also prove to be excellent watchdogs.


Portuguese Podengo In a few words :

  • Head

    Lean, shaped like a truncated four-sided pyramid that tapers fairly abruptly from its broad base.


  • Body

    Straight or slightly arched topline, long, straight or slightly sloping back, medium length croup.


  • Coat

    Predominantly, yellow, all shades of fawn from light to very dark, black (diluted or faded).


  • Ears

    Set medium high and obliquely, pricked and very mobile, carried vertically in a forward direction when the dog is attentive.


  • Tail

    Strong, thick, medium length, tapering to a fine tip.


  • Hair

    Short and smooth or long and coarse (like the bristles of a wild boar), medium thickness.



These Portuguese rabbit hunters were recognized as a breed by the F.C.I. relatively late, in 1967. Portuguese Podongos are especially widespread in the north of the country, where they are used to hunt rabbits in accordance with their natural aptitudes, in packs or on their own. That’s the origin of their alternative name of Portuguese Warren Dog. They are also used as guard dogs.