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Korean Jindo Dog


Korean Jindo Dog

Korean Jindo Dog




39½-50¾ lbs

19½-21½ inches

33-42 lbs

17¾-19¾ inches

Korea, Republic of

<p>Jindos move in a rather distinctive way. Trotting, they carry their head high, but as they pick up speed the head is carried fairly low, almost at the height of the shoulders.</p>

<p>Korean Jindo Dogs have a highly developed hunting instinct and an innate sense of direction. Bold, brave, alert, attentive and fiery, they are not easily tempted. Generally, they don’t much like other animals, especially the males, but they are exceptionally loyal to their human companion. They have a single master or mistress, and although they have little problem accepting a new one they will never forget their attachment to the first they had as a puppy.</p>

<p>There are no written records regarding the breed’s origins, but many experts agree that it has existed for several thousand years on Jindo Island in the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. The most widely accepted theory about its earliest origins proposes that the breed is a native of Korea. Poor communications in the past mean that the breed has remained pretty much unchanged through the centuries.</p>

<p>Viewed from above, shaped like a blunt triangle.</p>

<p>Strong, straight back, taut, clean, muscular loins that are straighter than the ribcage, strong, moderately deep chest</p>

<p>Red fawn, white, black, black and tan, wolf gray and brindle.</p>

<p>Medium-sized, triangular, thick and perfectly pricked.</p>

<p>Sickle-shaped or rolled with the tip touching back or flank.</p>

<p>Double coat, with soft, dense light-colored undercoat, which is nevertheless sufficient to support the topcoat.</p>

Gaen, Jindo

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Medium corded

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