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Kerry Blue Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier




33-40 lbs

18-19½ inches

Lighter than the male

17½-19 inches


<p>From their elegant appearance to their extraordinarily supple movements, Kerry Blues are terriers from head to tail and everything in between. Very important is a keen, alert expression reflecting the dog’s distinct character.</p>

<p>Now primarily show dogs, Kerry Blue Terriers started out as hunters, which is why their character is so important. Their ancestors were originally used to attack otters in deep waters, no sinecure, flush badgers and hunt common vermin. A wonderful balance of high class and sangfroid, Kerry Blue Terriers are superb guard dogs that show great loyalty to members of their human family.</p>

<p>Like other Irish terrier breeds, it’s assumed that Kerry Blues have lived on the Emerald Isle for centuries, but due to their humble origins as ratters and farm dogs there are few mentions of the breed before the 20th century. In 1847, though, one writer does describe a bluish slate-colored dog with darker patches and blotches, and, often, tan markings on legs and muzzle. It was supposed that these bluish-black dogs were very widespread in Kerry, but it also developed in other counties. The first Kerry Blue Terrier was shown in 1913 and the club was established in Dublin seven years later.Kerry Blue Terriers should be upstanding, well-knit and well proportioned‚ with well-developed muscles in the terrier style.</p>

<p>Plenty of hair, stronger and more muscular in males.</p>

<p>Medium-length back and loins, deep chest.</p>

<p>Any shade of blue, with or without black points. Black or fawn are acceptable up to 18 months, but not later.</p>

<p>Carried in front or against the sides of the head, positioned forward to produce a keen, sharp expression.</p>

<p>Thin, well placed, carried erect and cheerfully.</p>

<p>Soft, abundant and wavy.</p>

Blue, Irish, Terrier


Unofficial emblem of Ireland

Pet dog




Medium corded

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