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Irish Terrier


Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier




27 lbs

Approximately 18 inches

25 lbs


<p>The Irish Terrier’s reputation as a brawler is undeserved. While these dogs can be fierce when needed, they are easy to train and gentle companions, warranting an early description as “a poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend and gentleman’s favorite”.</p>

<p>Irish Terriers are wonderfully loyal, good tempered and affectionate with people. But these game dogs are able to hold their own with other canines and they will fight like a lion if attacked.</p>

<p>Irish Terriers are active, lively, agile, lithe and wiry, with lots of substance, but lacking in heaviness, as speed and endurance are essential qualities alongside power. They must be neither cloddy nor cobby, but rather elegant and sleek, suggesting swiftness of movement.These are hard workers that can do most anything asked of them: farm dog, companion, guard dog, gun dog. You name it. Versatility is their middle name.</p>

<p>Long, free from wrinkles.</p>

<p>Symmetrical, neither too long nor too short.</p>

<p>Solid colored, red, red-wheaten or yellow-red.</p>

<p>Small, V shaped, moderately thick, well set on the head and falling forward against the cheeks.</p>

<p>Set fairly high, carried cheerfully but not over the back or curled.</p>

<p>Dense and wiry texture, broken appearance but lying flat.</p>

Irish, Red, Terrier


The fiery redhead from Ireland

Sporting dog
Pet dog





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