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United Kingdom

<p>Mastiffs belong to one of the few breeds that can weigh over 200 lbs. The Guinness Book of Records recognizes a Mastiff by the name of Zorba as the world’s biggest dog, weighing in at a hefty 343 lbs.</p>

<p>Breadth is greatly desired in Mastiffs. Their skull is two thirds the length of the head as a whole, which is massive viewed from any angle. Similarly massive, the body is powerfully built in all dimensions. The legs are set well apart and vertical. The muscles are clearly defined. Size is similarly sought after, provided it is paired with quality. Height and substance are important as long as they are in proportion to each other. All told, Mastiffs are large, solid, powerful and perfectly proportioned.</p>

<p>Character-wise, Mastiffs are a rare combination of nobility and courage. These calm dogs are affectionate with their human companions but conscientious guards that go about things at their own pace and don’t like to rush. This is one striking breed. Seeing it for the first time in the flesh you will be dumbfounded by its sheer size. Its chest girth is at least a third greater than the height at the withers. Otherwise, the standard does not give any vital statistics, which leaves breeders a lot of room for maneuver.</p>

<p>Broad skull between the ears, flat forehead but wrinkled when the dog is alert.</p>

<p>Broad, muscular back and ditto loins, which are flat and very broad in females and slightly arched in males.</p>

<p>Apricot fawn, silver fawn, fawn or dark fawn brindle.</p>

<p>Small, thin to the touch, well apart, set at the highest point on each side of the skull.</p>

<p>Set high, reaching to the hocks or a little farther.</p>

<p>Short and close lying, but not too fine on the shoulders, neck and back.</p>

English, Mastiff


A British heavyweight

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