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Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Çoban Köpeği




110¼-143¼ lbs

29-32 inches

88-121¼ lbs

28-31 inches


<p>Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are a joy to see in action. They move remarkably smoothly, with body, head and neck in a straight line, taking long, supple steps that give the impression of great power, like a big cat stalking its prey.</p>

<p>Originally, these big, powerful dogs were used to guard sheep in Anatolia. They are hard-working dogs able to handle extreme climatic conditions, from high summer temperatures to freezing temperatures in winter.</p>

<p>Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are members of a very old breed, probably descended from powerful hunting dogs from Mesopotamia. The breed was developed over time to meet a specific set of circumstances. The most formative were climate (very hot, dry summers and very cold winters), lifestyle (sedentary, semi-nomadic and nomadic) and duties (guarding flocks moving great distances on the Central Anatolian Plateau). These dogs live outdoors the whole year through, which explains their proverbial resilience. These big, sturdily built dogs with a broad, strong head and dense double coat are vigorous but also speedy. Well behaved and bold without aggression, independent, very intelligent and obedient, proud and self-assured. Faithful and affectionate to his masters, as an adult it is distrustful of strangers.</p>

<p>Strong but in proportion to the body, broad at the ears, with a slightly domed skull. Slightly broader in adult males.</p>

<p>Powerful, muscular and lacking superfluous fat.</p>

<p>All colors are acceptable</p>

<p>Medium-sized, triangular, rounded at the tip, falling against the cheeks.</p>

<p>Long, reaching to the hocks. Set relatively high, carried low and slightly curved at rest.</p>

<p>Thick, fairly harsh, half-long (around 2 ½ inches), save on the face and ears where it is sparser and finer.</p>


Power from the Turkish heartland

Watch dog




Medium corded

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