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24¼-28½ lbs

16-18 ½ inches, ideally 17-17¾ inches

17½-24¼ lbs

15-17¼ inches, ideally 15¾-16½ inches


<p>All fanciers praise Mudis for their extraordinarily industrious nature, and for a temperament described as lively, courageous, attentive, diligent, alert and accommodating.</p>

<p>A medium-sized herding breed with the wedge-shaped head, pricked ears and clearly sloping topline. The head and legs are covered in short, smooth hair, while the hair on the rest of the body is longer, very wavy to slightly curly. There are several coat colors.</p>

<p>Mudis were created in the 18th and 19th centuries by crossing Hungarian herding dogs, most probably with various prick-eared German herding varieties.The courageous temperament of these highly adaptable dogs has prompted herdsmen to use them to drive large, difficult livestock. They are also used to drive wild boar toward hunters. Remarkably agile, as well as performing watch and alarm duties they are very good at sniffing out narcotics. Their relatively short coat means they can be kept indoors without a problem, and they are endearing family dogs.</p>

<p>Certainly the most attractive aspect, giving the impression of an attentive, dynamic, cheerful and intelligent dog, without a trace of timidity or aggression. Wedge-shaped and tapering to the nose.</p>

<p>The topline clearly slopes toward the croup, the pronounced withers long and muscular. The back is straight, short and the loins of medium length and solid. The croup is short and very slightly sloping.</p>

<p>Fawn, black, blue, blue merle (black speckled, striped, brindle or spotted on light or dark bluish gray), ash (gray blue) and brown.</p>

<p>Set high and pricked, forming an inverted V and covered in abundant hair that reaches beyond the pinna.</p>

<p>Set at medium height. At rest it hangs, with the lower third almost horizontal.</p>

<p>The head and the front of the legs are covered in hair that is short, straight, and smooth. On the rest of the body the hair is uniformly very wavy or slightly curled, dense and always shimmering, growing to about 1- 2 ¾ inches.</p>

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