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Knowledge & Respect

Knowledge & Respect

Benedicte Marie <>

Knowledge & Respect.

Our commitment to «Knowledge and Respect of dogs and cats» is based on observation and science.

“Dog and Cat first”

For over 40 years, the principle “Dog and Cat first” has guided us in our mission: to provide the most precise and adequate nutritional answers to the specific requirements of
dogs and cats.
Knowledge is clearly the only possible route to respecting animals.

Science and Observation: the two pillars of Knowledge

Science feeds our knowledge on a daily basis. Cross-disciplinary expertise, scientific curiosity, rigorous methodology and a taste for innovation define our Research and
Development team.
Beyond this strictly scientific approach, Royal Canin also gives pride of place to observation to further our knowledge on dogs and cats.
We have permanent working relationships with the world of dog and cat professionals, particulary breeders, and we also enjoy a privileged opportunity for observation in our
kennel and cattery.

Respecting the animal nature of Dogs and Cats

For Royal Canin, knowledge means respecting dogs and cats and rejecting all forms of anthropomorphism.
Royal Canin drives its observation, research and innovation with
total respect for this ethic.


Knowledge & Respect

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