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Royal Canin, Health Nutrition’s value is in lasting benefits for the health of Dogs and Cats!

Knowledge and Respect: a founding ethic. Respecting dogs and cats demands that we respect their animalness and reject any form of anthropomorphism.

Because of its composition, a Royal Canin Health Nutrition food provides all essential nutrients measured out with utmost precision in order to contribute every day and on a long-term basis to the well-being and health of every animal, according to his age, his size, his physiological condition and his breed.

Royal Canin is a unique company where passion drives the company forward. It is the unwavering passion and pioneering spirit of every single Associate that has led Royal Canin to breaking new ground, year after year.

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Health Nutrition fundamentals

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Living a better and longer life thanks to perfectly adapted nutritional solutions.

Accompany the animal throughout his life respecting his needs

In each diet, nutrient content is adapted according to their role in the body and the life stage of the dogs and cats.
Throughout the dog’s and cat’s life, from gestation until the first signs of ageing, diet plays a decisive role in their health.

Visible benefits: skin and coat, oral hygiene, ideal weight…

Beyond the effects on the body and wellbeing of dogs and cats, Health Nutrition yields visible results (skin&coat, weight management,
oral hygiene…).