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The Royal Canin Campus

The Royal Canin Campus

Dorothée Bouscal <>

Headquarters that reflect our company: respectful and passionate

Established on a 24-hectare tract of land, the Campus, Royal Canin’s world headquarters, features a unique leading-edge park. Based in Aimargues, in Southern France, in front of the village of Gallargues where everything began in 1967, this site groups together all the vital functions of the company.

A campus that conveys our image, our sense of reactivity and effectiveness

The Royal Canin campus, by concentrating all company resources on the same site, serves a clear and simple idea: converging all types of know-how to put them at the service of dogs and cats.

Organized into several poles (Innovation, Operations, Services & Finance, Staff & Organization, along with 4 sales zones), the Campus groups together nearly 500 people supporting its 60 subsidiaries, present in nearly 90 countries.

It was our intent to have a campus that’s friendly and functional, but that works chiefly as an additional source of reactivity, so as to contribute to accelerating the brand’s expansion worldwide.

On this tree-planted site, one finds the brand’s first plant, founded in 1968 and today one of the most modern and best-performing plants in the petfood industry.

Another major asset for Royal Canin is the presence of its kennels and cattery on the Campus. Our partners can move around and see the 160 dogs and 180 cats moving around among them. In this exceptional environment, these animals have for their daily walks grounds that are worthy of the quality of life and animal well-being advocated by Royal Canin.


The Royal Canin Campus

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